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Motorist charged with drink driving after East Kilbride car crash that killed a motorcyclist

A motorcyclist named Allan Nicholson from Glasgow, aged 24 died after having been struck by a car while on East Kilbride on the morning of 10 November 2018.

Allan Nicholson was on his Suzuki motorbike when he was struck by a white Ford Mondeo that was being driven in the wrong way. Allan Nicholson was then thrown from the motorbike in the collision. This happened at the expressway of A725 East Kilbride around the northbound carriageway. This is about half a mile southward from the Raith Interchange.

After the collision with the Ford Mondeo, the Suzuki motorbike burst into flames. The emergency services fought to save Allan Nicholson’s life. But unfortunately, he has pronounced already dead at the scene.

The motorist of the Ford Mondeo was named William McLean, aged 34. The collision caused William McLean to have some minor injuries. He was treated at Hairmyres Hospital near East Kilbride. He has appeared in court after the accident that caused the death of Allan Nicholson. William McLean is now being charged with several offences such as being unfit to drive because of intoxication.

The motorist, William McLean, after having appeared at the Hamilton Sherrif Court is also being accused of causing death by dangerous driving. William McLean made no plea. At present, he has been released on bail. He will later reappear before the court on a date yet to be announced.

Allan Nicholson’s funeral was attended by a number of bikers. The funeral, held on 26 November 2018 in Lanarkshire town had a sombre procession that was attended by several biker groups. They drove their motorbikes alongside the funeral car and the police cars. Allan Nicholson had a shared passion with the biker groups when it comes to motorbikes.

Allan Nicholson has a twin sister named Pamela Nicholson. She gave her heartfelt tribute to his late brother during the funeral. She also said that although they are twins, she had always thought of him as his little brother. She expressed her love and goodbyes to her twin brother during the funeral, saying that their mother will be looking after him now.

Allan Nicholson also left a girlfriend named Antonia Hunt. She had shared on social media a photo of Allan Nicholson wearing his motorcycle outfit. Allan Nicholson’s death is an important reminder to every motorist to be responsible when it comes to driving. The police and the motor lawyer services involved are now getting more information about the incident to make the process of the investigation move faster. Anyone who has information about it may contact the police at the Divisional Road Policing Unit located at Motherwell. They can dial 101 and refer to incident number 1927 of 10 November 2018.